Winter is closer than you think and before firing up your heating system for the first time you may want to consider a few things. Your heating system is a lot like your car; when it was first installed it was reliable, efficient, quiet, and safe. Much like the car you may still have or traded away it took oil changes, tune ups and repairs over the year to keep it on the road and keep you mind at ease.

winter is coming

To ensure that you don’t spend too much this year on heating and that a costly repair isn’t in your near future we recommend you get a visual heating inspection from one of our licensed professionals. Our heating expert walks you through your system and puts neon tags on all important valves and shutoffs so you are educated. After assessing the system visually the technician will be able to let you know if your system is running properly, needs a basic cleaning, or a minor repair to insure a long life, greater efficiency and avoid major work in the future. We will be offering visual inspections for $99 and if you are a current customer we will be offering the inspection for the price of our dispatch fee ($59)! If any additional work is needed (cleaning or a repair) we will wave the $59 and $99 inspection fees!

Regular servicing reduces the risk of breakdowns and prolongs the unit’s life. Plus, it saves you money: For every year of maintenance you skip, energy bills jump 5%-10% because of reduced efficiency!

Give us a call to schedule today! (617) 489-6324


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