Just because we are still going to the beach on the weekends doesn’t mean it is too early to start thinking about the months ahead.

With Fall knocking on the door it is again that time when you should be considering checking your primary heating system. Home owners should do this for several reasons. One of the most over looked reason to have your heating system looked at this early is to maintain efficiency. It always amazes me how many customers don’t realize that a basic tuneup can save you a huge chunk of change on your heating bills. If your heating system is run with a problem or not properly tuned you can cause damage in addition to pour efficiency. Another reason is that if a problem is unfortunately discovered the month of September is a great time to find it. Think about it; If you have a heating problem in January you have to leave your house all day or worst case scenario have to stay at a hotel for a night or two. The final reason is that H.O. Services is offering a basic tuneup and visual inspection for only the cost of $59! That is over half off! This promotion will be running only in the month of September so call today!

Whether you have steam, gas, electric, forced hot air give H.O. Services a call for your annual heating inspection early to take advantage of this offer!


or schedule online: http://www.homeownerservices.com


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