Well, Summer is finally winding  down and school is back in swing for kids. This is the time to inspect your home and make sure it is ready to go for the next couple of seasons. Rather then waiting for a freezing cold day or Patriots game for things to go wrong go over this check list and have a great Fall!

1) Check your hot water heater and the surrounding areas for leaks, rust, or corrosion. Check lines and connections. If you see water or signs of moisture, its time to replace the tank. Cover your water heater with a fiberglass insulation blanket to retain heat, particularly if you have an older water heater that has less-efficient built-in insulation.

2) Check sinks for slow drains. Each household sink is equipped with a p-trap—the pipe section underneath the sink with a J-shaped bend. This trap seals the drain with water to keep sewer gas from entering your home. The p-trap is a common place for clogs.

3) Go through your home and open windows to ensure the seal and caulking around the window frame is in good condition. This will help keep your home from losing heat in the winter.

4) Check the air filter of your heating system. Depending on the model, you should clean or replace it. This will boost efficiency, but it will also save you money in the process.

5) Check your home’s air flow. Clean and vacuum any built-up dust from your vents, stove hood, room fans, baseboard heaters and dryer vents. Not only will you help encourage uninterrupted air flow, but keeping these areas clean can help decrease your risk of fire.

Hopefully these tips are useful and we will be posting another series of home reminders soon! Call or click today 1-844-Hel-loHO http://www.homeownerservices.com IMG_1085



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